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Bored Kids

With kids out of school for the summer months, keeping them entertained can be a challenge. Juggling household responsibilities and work is difficult enough during the school year, the kids' extra down time in the summer can cause a new level of stress.

Finding a safe and reliable summer camp program can be a difficult task for parents. It's not always easy to find a well-rounded program that keeps kids active and engaged, while remaining attentive to safety.

Summertime doesn't have to be a boring time for the kids, and a busy time for Mom & Dad!

Our Summer Camps Are Packed With Fun Activities!

Our martial arts classes are taught by Black Belt Instructors! Each week we will focus on different themes plus arts & crafts that will spark your child's imagination, and plenty of free time to make friends and build social skills.

Board Breaking

Break Boards

Martial Arts Moves

Learn Martial Arts Moves

Make Friends

Make Friends

Summertime is fun time but it can also be learning time at our martial arts summer camp.

Your kids will enjoy games, projects, outings, plus the life enriching skills of self-confidence, respect, self-control, and friendship.

We have been in the business for over 20 years. Our camp has professional level CPR & first aid managers at all times and we conduct background checks on ALL staff. 

Everyday of camp we hold an orientation with all the campers. During this orientation we go over ALL the RULES and what we expect. Bullying is something that we do not tolerate at all! Any camper that causes a problem for other campers being physical or verbal may be asked to leave the camp.

Your kids will return to school with the skills to succeed and great memories of a fun summer camp they will never forget.

Thousands of families have attributed our program with their child:

• Earning better grades
• Experiencing higher self-esteem
• Developing personal  discipline
• Learning how to set and achieve goals
• Making new friends


We Also Offer Single Day Camps!

Bring your child in for a single day of fun activities and learning!
Day camps are offered May 31, June 1, August 13/14 at $35 per day.

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Uniforms are NOT necessary! It is recommended to pack a pair of sneakers. 

Please wear comfortable clothes suitable for participating in martial arts activities. A t-shirt and shorts/sweatpants is perfect.

All children MUST have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian in order to participate.

Stressed Parents

Go from this...

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Relaxed Parents this!

Imagine your child as a stronger, more confident individual - in class, at home and in school.

Enroll your child in our summer camp program and turn that vision into a reality!

Leadership Life Skills Curriculum

What to Bring

Campers are required to bring a sack lunch, a water bottle labeled with their name, and 2 snacks daily (please pack a healthy lunch). Extra snacks and drinks are available for purchase ($0.50-$2.00). Snack punch cards are available for purchase for $10-$20 this way children do not need to carry money with them.

Sunscreen, bathing suit, and towel should accompany campers if they plan on swimming.
We will let parents know if campers need to bring anything extra for certain camp days i.e. super soakers etc. 

Karate for kids

Weekly Themes

Each week we will focus on different themes with coordinating character development lessons. These life challenges will be used in the martial arts classes and theme activities.

Camp begins the month of June, Monday thru Friday.
Camp is 9am - 4pm daily. FREE Early Drop Off 7:30-9AM and FREE Late Pick Up 4-6PM

Camp activities

Camp activities

• Special guests  •  Field days  • Weekly Themes
• Martial arts sessions •  Games & contests 
• Tons of sports! Soccer, baseball, kickball, basketball & more
• Water games and swimming 1 - 2 times a week 
• Treasure hunts  •  Movie & video game time 
• MAD Science, Bricks 4 Kidz & Art Classes as well!


We do offer a gaming center or our campers. Campers can also bring their own handheld devices, we know they enjoy those activities!  Throughout the day they rotate through the camp and experience tons of activities everyday.  We are a very active camp and they will not be sitting around playing on electronics all day!

We started our journey with Pride Martial Arts with a birthday party for both of our sons, then we moved on to a trial membership. I can't even begin to explain how much it has impacted our boys, especially our oldest. We have recently been told that he has a couple of different kinds of anxiety, and this makes trying new things hard. But he has really come out of his shell and it has really helped with his flexibility, coordination, and confidence. From the instructors to the other students, everyone is so nice and understanding and they really care about each other. Getting more coordination is helping with his confidence, but I feel that the support from them has helped even more. At first, we questioned if it was worth our long drive to the school and the price to put 2 kids into the program. My answer after just 6 months is a resounding YES! Thank you, Pride Martial Arts! 

Angela Wright

Kansas City

Frequently Asked Questions

Please enter your contact info in the form above and one of our staff members will contact you with additional info. You can also contact the school directly in the numbers provided in your confirmation email.

Our martial arts classes' primary goal is to make sure our students have fun in a playful, safe environment. Come and see a class for yourself - the kids have a blast and our instructors do too.

Absolutely not! We have classes for all ability levels and no previous experience is required. More experienced members help new ones, and we make sure that everyone feels right at home on their first day of class.

Even though we practice self-defense moves and we do practice some sparring drills, your child will not be "fighting" anyone or getting hurt. Of course there is always potential for injury with any sports activity, however, our instructors take great care to make sure everyone practices at their own pace without getting injured.

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